Downloading Theme Payment? + Editable?

Hello, I am trying to download my design as a WordPress theme following the designated tutorial. Do I have to pay for that? It doesn’t show up on the narrator’s screen in the video though - nor is it mentioned on the plugin info page.

And after the theme has been downloaded, which elements can be edited?

If there’s a change to the content on the About Us/ Home page for example, would I have to redo the entire process from the Figma design files or could it be changed in WordPress?


Hi @AJ101,

Really depends on what you need. You got a FREE FOREVER hosting plan that allows you publish your website on a subdomain (for instance, There is no banners nor advertisement and no need to upgrade to the paying hosting plans if you don’t need advanced features.

If you just want to download the theme you need to choose one of the Design Plans, currently:

  • you can download 1 theme for $29
  • you can download 3 a month for $39/m
  • or download UNLIMITED for $499/y

all details are here: Yotako | Pricing

Whatever the one you choose, you can change the content and edit the theme inside WordPress with the native Gutenberg block editor that comes with WordPress (no need to buy any external plugins).

Check out these videos:

Edit your Figma & Adobe XD designs as WordPress Gutenberg blocks by Yotako!

And check this playlist with short videos for content editing and other effects:

Figma to WordPress with AI by Yotako - Content editing in real time with Gutenberg


Thank-you really appreciate the speedy reply Melanie!


We’re here to help!

Let us know if you need anything with your designs or websites! :slight_smile:

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