Yotako form in wordpress

Hi! I am making a very simple 4 pages website with yotako and I implemented two different forms. I am currently testing the website without publishing it already and it seems like the form doesnt work yet. I was wondering how these forms work since there is very little information online about the tools. Where can I see all the answers to my form ? Are there some additional ressources / doc about the tools that are available ? Thanks in advance!


You will receive all the answers to your forms at the same email of your Yotako account, which is by default your WordPress administrator email. You can change this in WordPress.

If the forms are not being detected by the AI yet, you can manually tag them. It is very easy, just follow this two super short videos:

  1. Activate the Advanced Mode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob_Xbs5qxwA)
  2. Now simply tag the form (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO6ZsGhwgNE&list=PLlMEm-QaNKWRPRrD4mu_1HGp_zxxPWHUl)

If you want us to help you with this we can even do it for you.
Just ping us here whenever you want or write us at hello@yotako.io!

Good luck!